Welcome to Alberton Radio Sailing Club’s blog/site. Alberton Radio Sailing Club is a new model yacht sailing club based at Jackson Dam in Brackenhurst, Alberton, Johannesburg.

Competitive Radio Sailing involves racing model yachts controlled by a 2 channel radio. The yachts are equipped with a radio receiver controlling the rudder and sails. The skippers stand on the shore and control their yachts (sails, rudder, trimming) using a radio transmitter. The yachts are driven forward only by the wind – no engines are allowed.

We race mainly the Hurricane 1000┬áby Beili, but have plans to race IOM’s as well. That said all radio controlled yachts are welcome. We will work out a handicap rating for your boat…

Please contact us by leaving a comment here or emailing donno(at)wol(dot)co(dot)za

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